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Welche Belagmischung ist die richtige?

Which pad compound is the right one?

This question is probably the most frequently asked... but not always so easy to answer. The decisive factor is always what your purpose is. There is a lot written about the www. and forums in particular are full of them. But of course everyone has their own braking behavior and so you can't say with certainty that what works great for one will also work for the next. And especially not if it is a different type of cars.

We like to get feedback from our customers and combine it with the Endless developments. Over time, this creates a wealth of experience in order to achieve as precise a landing as possible when it comes to pad compound recommendations.

That's why it's best to call and talk through it before ordering. In the end, you want good braking performance and we want you to be satisfied with Endless brake pads for your intended use.


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