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RF-650. The high performance brake fluid

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Current price €48,60

We recommend RF650! The fluid with the highest specifications for hard loads and high temperatures
RF650 has passed many F1 team laboratory tests over a long period of time and has proven its quality in the fight for the world championship. Used by leading manufacturers and racing teams around the world, RF650 is recognized worldwide as one of the highest quality and best brake fluids.

Simply replacing the brake fluid is often enough to prevent a “long brake pedal”.

-DOT 5.1

-Dry boiling point/323℃

-Wet boiling point/218℃

-Content: 0.5 liters

Brakepads delivery time 2-5 working days* *if stored in the ENDLESS Europe central warehouse. Available capacity currently approx. 80% of all brake pads. Feedback within 1 hour. 24h express delivery available nationally and internationally
Brakefluid delivery time 2-3 working days 24h express delivery possible nationally and internationally