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One-piece Endless Curve-Slit brake disc front axle with Performance package / Brembo caliper

Original price €346,00 - Original price €346,00
Original price
€346,00 - €346,00
Current price €346,00

The Endless Curve-Slit design keeps the disc surface clean and ensures improved braking efficiency.

Curve-Slit brake discs are specially heat treated and have a more durable surface.

Thanks to the improved cooling fin design, the heat is dissipated more easily and overall, the Curve-Slit brake discs are ideal for the ambitious sports driver.

Curve-Slit brake discs harmonize perfectly with Endless brake pads. The blue design reinforces the sporty character.

* The photos are sample examples and may differ from the original

The price shown is per piece! 1xleft and 1xright must be ordered as a set

Brakepads delivery time 2-5 working days* *if stored in the ENDLESS Europe central warehouse. Available capacity currently approx. 80% of all brake pads. Feedback within 1 hour. 24h express delivery available nationally and internationally