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Two-piece Endless Curve-Slit brake disc on the front axle

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€1.963,00 - €1.963,00
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The two-piece Endless brake discs in original equipment size as a replacement for the standard brake discs. Developed to offer high performance quality even for series vehicles. Thanks to the endless cooling fins design, the heat is dissipated extremely well and noticeably reduces the brake temperatures! Can be used both on the road and on the racetrack.

Advantages over one-piece brake discs:

- less weight = reduced unsprung mass

- Floating brake pot construction to avoid stress cracks caused by thermal expansion and vibrations

- less heat transfer to wheel bearings and wheel hub

- all parts available individually. Friction ring, brake pot, mounting kit

The Endless Curve-Slit design keeps the disc surface clean and ensures improved braking efficiency.

Two-piece Endless Curve-Slit brake discs harmonize perfectly with Endless brake pads. The design reinforces the motorsport character.

* The photos are sample examples and may differ from the original

The price shown is per piece! 1xleft and 1xright must be ordered as a set

Brakepads delivery time 2-5 working days* *if stored in the ENDLESS Europe central warehouse. Available capacity currently approx. 80% of all brake pads. Feedback within 1 hour. 24h express delivery available nationally and internationally